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6 Tips on How To Sell a Property in Portugal


This video addresses owners who want to sell their property in Portugal. A step-by-step guide with minute details takes you through the whole process stress-free


1 - DIY or get a Realtor: Preparing and selling by yourself can be stressful. Marketing with an agent makes it much more comfortable. The realtor's commissions vary between 1 and 6%, depending on the provided service.

2 - About Property Evaluation: You need to know your property's market value. There are 2 types of evaluation, one by the bank if a loan is required and the other follows the result of the market analysis.

3 - Property Staging and Marketing: Picture, Videos, and copywriting for the advertising are needed. This material's quality should be as high as possible. An agent will bring professionals to realize this service.

4 - What Documents are needed? Make sure everything regarding your estate is legalized if the are some "grey zones," you need to mention this to the potential buyer. Get all the property documentation together and up to date.

5 - About Lawyers: Contracting a lawyer is recommended if you are not familiar with property selling processes, but it is not mandatory.

6 - Promissory Contract, Final Deed, and Taxes: The promissory contract stipulates the timeline and conditions for the final deed. You will get a deposit generally between 10 and 20% of the sales price. Remember that you have to pay capital gain tax over your profit.

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Sergey Malinka
Sergey Malinka Property Consultant