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Tips & Things to Know Before Moving to Portugal


Have you asked yourself if Portugal is a safe country? Yes! By worldwide statistics we live in the third safest county on our planet. Portugal is a wonderful place to raise children, and has an excellent national education system. The coasts of child care are affordable and there are several options available. Portugal has a national healthcare coverage for its habitants.

How is the weather? Yes, Portugal has good weather and specially in the Algarve, you enjoy guaranteed around 3.000 hours of sunshine and about 300 sunny days within twelve months. In addition, there is a pleasantly mild, balanced climate all year round - almost entirely without sultriness. You´ll probably be warmer than you are now. But Portugal has so much more to offer than just good weather.

Is life in Portugal expensive? No, it is not, especially if you have funds from abroad. Portugal offers affordable cost of living. In contrast to other countries like Switzerland or Norway, Portugal has a low cost of living, which means you can save when you move here. Prices are significantly lower than in most other European countries.

It would help if you considered informing yourself and learning at least the basics about Portuguese culture and history. This will help both sides and will give you a good start if you are coming to live in Portugal. Show that you are interested, ask locals for advice, participate in social activities, and open your mind to the new environment. If you are a culture and nature lover you will be well pleased by the countless possibilities. From beaches, crystal clear water, rivers, lakes and mountains Portugal has it all.

Many people indeed speak English. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn anything. The locals will appreciate it if you know how to greet, thank, and farewell. Portuguese have an innate ability to make you feel at home right away. The country's culture of friendliness means that ex-pats who move there are likely to be warmly welcomed.

In Portugal, numerous people have family members who live abroad, and they know how important it can be for newcomers to feel accepted in their new community. That's why they're so good at making you feel like part of their family from day one.

 If you need to fly somewhere else in Europe or even further, Portugal has international airports from which you can catch your flight. Major airlines fly into Lisbon (LIS), Faro (FAO) and Porto (OPO) airports.

An if you prefer to travel by car, Portugal has an excellent road network, with many highways connecting major cities and smaller towns throughout the country.

Portugal is one of the best places for ex-pats and there a vast number of ex-pat communities even if yours isn't the most common nationality. Whether you are an American, German, British, French or whatever nationality ex-pat looking for a new home abroad you will be able to find an ex-pat community in Portugal.

Last not least Portuguese cuisine is a real treat. It is influenced by the country´s history. Portugal is a seafaring nation, and in addition to Mediterranean cuisine, influences from Africa, India and Asia are reflected on the menus. Portuguese wines are famous and award winning.

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Sergey Malinka
Sergey Malinka Property Consultant