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Why Live Algarve?

Selling a home is a big decision, and choosing the right real estate agent to represent you is crucial to a smooth and successful transaction, but you know that.

That's why you're researching to find the right fit. You want results! You want a partner you can trust! So let's sum up why we're what you're looking for:

  1. As of July 18, 2024, we're the top-rated realtors in the Algarve on Google. With 98 5-star reviews.
  2. We have (in our's and our client's opinion) the best presentation in the Algarve.
  3. 1 & 2 mean we get A LOT of traffic directly from a global audience
  4. Smart data driven analytics and feedback to ensure we’re finding the right clients.
  5. Guarantees! Guaranteed you'll be happy with our presentation, guaranteed 250,000 views in 3 months, guaranteed communication through all stages so you're involved and aware, GUARANTEED NO STRESS.

Utilizing the full suite of our state-of-the-art ultra-HD photography and videography equipment we're truly ahead of the pack in quality AND quantity.

Our in-house content team's attention to detail in presenting your property will showcase its best features, making a memorable impression and ensuring it stands head and shoulders above the rest.


Your property is unique, and therefore so is our approach to marketing it and finding it the right client.

With access to ‘ready to buy’ clients from a multitude of backgrounds, our international team has the knowledge to present your property in a way that strikes a chord with the correct audience.

Regardless of it being a hotel, home, or land for horticulture, our expertise in multi layered marketing will unlock new theatres for your property to be exposed to, ultimately leading to finding you a buyer faster than the rest.


With in depth knowledge of the Algarvian property market our tried and tested techniques have proven successful for our clients' time and again.

We provide a complete service to our buyers, securing them funding where necessary, using our civil and legal contacts to ensure that any technicalities can be quickly and efficiently overcome and above all, presenting your home in a personalised, professional manner that simply can’t be matched.

The same of course extends to you and your property. We can help with the procurement of documents, advise on property tax and capital gains tax, we’re here from start to finish to make sure you gain the absolute maximum from the sale of your property.

Sell your home with the Top Rated Realtors in the Algarve for a stress free, guaranteed result.



What documents do I need?

We need a few documents in order to be able to represent you and your property:

  • The Land Registry Booklet
  • Energy Certificate
  • Habitation Licence
  • Technical Drawings/Plans
  • Datasheet (homes built after March 2004)
  • Your ID

We're here to help however, we'll make sure you have all the correct documentation up to date and compliant so there aren't any surprises post agreeing on the sale price.


I already have my property for sale, can you still help?

Of course we can! Please fill in the form above and we'll be in touch to discuss your circumstances.


How much do you charge?

Your property is unique and so we don't have a fixed fee. This way we're able to adapt and tailor our approach to give you a truly bespoke fit to getting your house sold. We'll discuss this as part of the process though, don't worry.


I'm not currently in the country, can we do it remotely?

Yes we can! We're fully equipped and prepared to work around you, regardless of where you are geographically.