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In a collective effort, Lagos hoisted the Blue Flag on its beaches during a ceremony at Praia do Porto de Mós, attended by involved entities, recognising the quality of the municipality's beaches. This achievement is a testament to the community's dedication to maintaining the beaches' high standards.

Meia Praia, Porto de Mós, Batata, and Luz beaches have the Blue Flag and the Accessible Beach Flag.

It's a question that many people are grappling with as the region continues to attract a growing number of buyers from around the world. However, while there are many good reasons to consider buying a property in this beautiful part of Portugal, there are also some potential downsides to keep in mind.

Lagos, Algarve and Costa Vicentina are two distinct regions of Portugal, each with unique features and qualities. While Lagos is a popular tourist destination located in the southernmost region of the Algarve, Costa Vicentina is a more secluded area known for its rugged coastline and pristine natural beauty. This blog post will discuss the quality of life in Lagos, Algarve and Costa Vicentina. Let us explore what each region offers.

Have you asked yourself if Portugal is a safe country? Yes! By worldwide statistics we live in the third safest county on our planet. Portugal is a wonderful place to raise children, and has an excellent national education system. The coasts of child care are affordable and there are several options available. Portugal has a national healthcare coverage for its habitants.

The weeks in the Algarve were fantastic for the third year in a row - the fourth holiday in Lagos went by far too quickly. This or something similar is how many people feel when they return from their summer break. Not least because of the pandemic, many who could afford it have bought a holiday home in the past two years. As an escape from everyday life, possibly also for the home office - and given the still low-interest rates on credit balances and high inflation, often also as a capital investment that can be rented out.

Renting a holiday property in a popular destination like Portugal can be an effective way to bring in some extra income. But before you go ahead and make an investment, it’s essential to calculate the yield you can expect accurately. We’ll outline how to do precisely that.

Portugal is full of beautiful landscapes. You have the photo-worthy yellow trams of Lisbon, the awe-striking natural beauty of the Douro Valley, and the endless country roads of Beira Interior. However, many would agree that the country's ultimate gem is the Algarve.

The property market has been on fire worldwide over the past few years, and Portugal is no exception. And amid rising prices (including real estate), you might expect a slowdown, but there are no signs of this.

Sergey Malinka
Sergey Malinka Property Consultant