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Common Fears and Concerns Purchasing Property in Portugal


When purchasing Real Estate abroad, many clients have demonstrated common concerns:

Lack of Language Knowledge

That prevents direct communication with the seller or developer.

Lack of Time to Choose the Estate

Most of the buyers come for a short-term observation trip to make a final choice.

Property Location is Unfamiliar

Therefore, the buyer is likely to fall under the influence of the real estate agent rather than choosing independently.

High Commission Rates or Hidden Commissions

In PORTUGAL, the estate agent´s commission fees are paid by the property seller. There are no hidden fees, and the applicable taxes are transparent from the beginning. The customers will know the exact amount of money they must pay before purchasing the property.

Construction Flaws

When you see the ready-built estate, it’s difficult to judge whether the building was appropriately constructed, and you need to hire a construction expert for support.

Live Algarve Realty stands for outstanding, reliable and multilingual customer service. We have the tools and know-how to make your real estate dream come true. Remote property viewings are our expertise and help our clients abroad to get a first impression, facilitating the selection process. Also, we can provide you with the contact of specialized lawyers, mortgage brokers and independent construction survey companies, etc.

Test us and let us surprise you!

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Sergey Malinka
Sergey Malinka Property Consultant